sitelen sitelen

O kama pona! sina ken kama sona e sitelen sitelen lon lipu ni.

Learn how to write in the hieroglyphic blocks known as sitelen sitelen. This is a system of non-linear writing you can use to free your mind or break from regular thought.




sitelen mi

lipu lawa pi esun kama

This conceptual piece was born in the toki pona discussion forums where Matthew Martin (jan Mato) proposed writing up a sales contract in toki pona. He reasoned that if contracts in foreign languages could be held valid, than one in an artificial language should be valid as well. As a challenge, he asked if anyone wanted to sell him something using a toki pona contract.

Balloon Boy Interview

The nine pages that make up this piece are a translation of the interview by Wolf Blitzer of the “Balloon Boy” family. I was interested in seeing how loose “TV speak” would translate into a toki pona, and then further into sitelen blocks.

sitelen pi jan ante

jan Talepi: jan jaki li pakala ike

Here's a humorous and dark image by jan Telepi. It's a rather free-form take on sitelen sitelen, with much of the emphasis placed on fleshing out the character of each of the glyphs.

Laughton McCry: Gilgamesh Page One

I can't say how excited I was when I got a link to this image in an email. Not only is jan Ote's translation of Gilgamesh into toki pona probably my favorite toki pona text to date, but this adaptation of my sitelen sitelen by Laughton McCry is just absolutely beautiful.

jan Ante: intenasijonale

This is jan Ante's sitelen sitelen using his own translation of L'Internationale. He has his own take on how li could be used as a red band right down the middle of the image, separating the subject from the rest of the sentence.