jan Talepi: jan jaki li pakala ike

Aug 2, 2012

artwork by jan Telepi

jan jaki li pakala ike.

Here’s a humorous and dark image by jan Telepi which says “jan jaki li pakala ike”. You could translate it a number of ways, but it means something like “The filthy person evilly destroys.”

Something particularly interesting is how the ike is consuming the pakala – pushing the sitelen farther into the realm of illustration. It Reminds me of illustrated texts which include the Ouroboros, like this one by Theodoros Pelecanos embedded in Greek text from 1478, or some of the examples in this collection. Perhaps more strangely, It also keeps reminding me of this German engraving of a whale.

jan Talepi has also put together several interesting movies in toki pona, which is great because the amount of spoken toki pona out there to listen to is pretty thin. You can check them all out under Bivax Productions

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