kulupu mama Jine (panel 4)

RICHARD HEENE, BALLOON BOY’S DAD: OK. Yes, so we were setting up our family experiment for my wife and I’s anniversary. It’s a good excuse. And, anyway the kids helped to actually construct the saucer- looking craft. We had glued panels of plastic wood and, you know, they helped paint it. And the experiment was for one of our family inventions. And we’re trying to build a craft to where people can no longer drive in their car and just kind of elevate and float to work at 50 to 100 feet off the ground.

jan Wiko Jine: pona a, mi mute li pali e pali sona. mi wile pali tan ni: tenpo suno pi mi en meli mi li kama. jan lili li pali kin. mi mute li pali e sike kon. ona li lukin sama tomo tawa pi ma sike ante. mi mute li wan e supa. jan lili li kule e ona. pali sona mi li tawa ilo sin pi kulupu mama mi. mi wile pali e tomo tawa sewi sin.

kulupu mama Jine (panel 4)
year: 2009
catalogue #: t47.09.004
dimensions: 7" x 8.5"
media: ink on bristol board