kulupu mama Jine (panel 3)

All of us are so excited that little Falcon is fine, because so much of – so many of us all over the country today were deeply worried that he was stuck in that balloon. That balloon was out of control, simply flying around the skies of Colorado for a couple of hours.
Fortunately, he was hiding out in the garage attic the whole time in a box.
Richard, walk us through slowly but surely, what exactly happened to Falcon today and how all of this got so way, way out of control.

mi mute ale li pilin pona tan ni: jan Palakon li pona. tenpo suno ni la mi mute lon ma li pilin ike, li pilin ona li lon sike kon. tenpo lili la, sike kon li tawa ike, li lon sewi pi ma Kolowato. pona la, ona li lon weka lon insa poka insa tomo sina. jan Wiko, o toki pona tawa mi mute e ni: seme li kama tawa jan Palakon? tenpo suno ni la, ale li kama pakala kin tan seme?

kulupu mama Jine (panel 3)
year: 2009
catalogue #: t47.09.003
dimensions: 8" x 8.5"
media: ink on bristol board