This piece is comprised of: two photographs and a floor sculpture: R5.2.3, T57.1, & T57.2
Ozymandius Principal - Titled after the poem by Shelley, this principal addresses the changing perception of power held within what we refer to as nature.
1. The romantic notion of the sublime stems from humility in the face of overwhelming entropy.
2. A classical fear of nature involves the localized or natural destruction of humanity, a nature which can destroy industry and identity.
3. A more recent fear stems from an awareness of the fragility of nature, of humanity's ability to bring it’s own end by destroying the biosphere, as well as the fear of a nature fully designed and homogenized, a nature of by-product.
4. There is also a contemporary phenomenon: the abandonment of Utopia, an apathetic reconciliation to the wasteland.
T55.203.1 : t57.1 2003
paper pulp, cprints mounted on aluminum
sculpture: 120" x 60" photos: 13.75" x 10.75"