kulupu mama Jine (panel 6)

M. HEENE: We just got surprised that the balloon – the craft, it kept going up. And it’s supposed to stay 20 feet above the ground. And that surprised us first. And, Richard and I kind of argued with, you know, I am supposed to tie it and it was not done correctly. And we – we are so involved we forget about where the craft went. And, meanwhile, Bradford had said Falcon is inside of it, Falcon inside of it. And we couldn’t hear at first. And then I realized, what? And that’s the moment we realized what’s happening.

jan Majumi: mi mute li sona ale e ni: sike kon, tomo tawa, li tawa sewi mute tan seme? ona li wile awen lon sewi lili. mi mute li pilin a a! jan Wiko en mi li toki utala e ni: mi awen ala awen pona e sike kon? mi mute li lon toki li sona weka e tomo tawa. tenpo ni la jan Patosa li toki e “jan Palakon li lon insa, jan Palakon li lon insa”. mi mute li ken kute ala. taso mi kama sona e seme? tenpo ni la mi mute li kama sona e seme li lon.

kulupu mama Jine (panel 6)
year: 2009
catalogue #: t47.09.006
dimensions: 11" x 9"
media: ink on bristol board