kulupu mama Jine (panel 1)

WOLF BLITZER, HOST, GUEST HOST: Tonight, the runaway balloon drama – a 6-year-old boy feared to be on board, maybe plunging to his death out of the swiftly moving craft. The child named Falcon the focus of air and ground search efforts and a captivated nationwide TV audience. The three hour ordeal lived by his desperate family has a happy ending.
They’re all here next on LARRY KING LIVE.
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I’m Wolf Blitzer sitting in for Larry tonight.

jan Muwawa: tenpo pimeja ni la, toki e weka pi sike con. jan lili li ken lon insa, li ken tawa moli ona tan insa tomo tawa. jan lawa li lukin tawa sewi en tawa anpa li wile lukin e jan lili Palakon. jan mute lon ma Mewika li lukin e ni kin. Tenpo ilo sike tu wan la, pali ike li pini pona.
kulupu mama ona ale li lon. jan lukin pi ma Mewika en ma ale o kama pona. mi jan Muwawa, jan Lawi Lawa li weka.

kulupu mama Jine (panel 1)
year: 2009
catalogue #: t47.09.001
dimensions: 9.5" x 9"
media: ink on bristol board